PT Federal International Finance (FIF) is a finance company wholly owned by Astra. FIF’s business is initially focused on conventional and sharia financing to support retail sales of Honda motorcycles. Subsequently, FIF developed used motorcycle financing and SPEKTRA, a new credit product for general consumer goods, including household electronics and appliances.

Project description

FIFGROUP want to create Internal apps for challenges every employee to be creative and learn how use Logo Design base on Graphic Standard Manual. Every employee can become design detective for every wrong logo and get reward point. On brief, there are for 4 main featured for this apps, that is Brand Challenges, Brand Detective, Brand Police, and Design Center.


Sketch Concept

The main idea of this apps is to make a apps for challenging people to get a reward based on picture their uploaded. There are 4 main challenge, Brand Detective Brand Police, Brand Challenge, and Design Center.

Seamless Transitions

Users can seamlessly engage in the app with unprecedented mobility, continuity, and joy of use. The experience across devices should work the way you, and user, expect, when you need it and how you need it.

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